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Katni from a business point of view

Indicators of Human Resources
Population persons 52,52,388
Density of population persons per sq. kms. 471
Literacy per cent 70.63
Total working population per cent 29.17
Percentage distribution of work force
Cultivators per cent 40.05
Agricultural labourers per cent 5.66
Household industry manufacturing,    
  processing servicing and repairs percent 14.71


Production: 1999-00
Lime stone 55,000
Soap stone 38,356
Kaoline 12,707
Felspar 8,245
Stealite 8,291
Iron ore 8,000
Quartz 1,054
Calcite 5


  • Electricity

    Katni district is receiving the hydro-electric power, supplied by the Chambal Hydel System. Out of total 2,131 villages in the district, 2,131 were electrified as on March 2000.


  • Water

    The major rivers passing through the Katni district are Banas and Banganga. The ground water resources to the extent of about 28.65 million cubic meter are available in the district.


  • Road Transport

    Katni city is the capital of the state and is centrally located. The National #M Road# No.8 links Delhi to Ahmedabad and No.11, linking Bikaner to Agra passes through Katni district to a total length of 366 kms. The total length of different types of roads in the district was about 4,102 kms as of March 2000.


  • Rail Transport

    Katni district is connected with meter gauge rail route with Sri Ganganagar, Ajmer, Udaipur and Sirohi. Katni is also connected with major centres of neighbouring states such as Agra (Uttar Pradesh), Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and Delhi. Recently, Katni has got connected in broad gauge, enabling direct connections to cities like Sawai Madhopur, Kota, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Bombay, Howrah, Lucknow, Kanpur & Delhi.


  • Air Transport

    Katni is connected by air with Jodhpur, Udaipur, Aurangabad, Delhi, Bombay and outside the country with Paris, London & Dublin.


    Communication Facilities

Post offices 599
Telegraph offices 143
Telecom centres 9
PCOs 859
Telephone exchanges 150



Offices, Deposits and Credit as on Dec 2003
  Offices Deposits Credit
  (No.) (Rs.Lakh) (Rs.Lakh)
All Scheduled Commercial Banks 408 942400 766700
  SBI and its Associates 109 324900 178800
  Nationalised Banks 166 365400 446500
  Foreign Banks 3 11000 5900
  Regional Rural Banks 74 29500 7700
  Other Scheduled Commercial Banks 56 211600 128000


Educational Facilities/Institutions

Universities 1
Colleges 45
Agricultural colleges 2
Engineering colleges 1
Polytechnical colleges 2
Medical colleges 1
Secondary & higher secondary schools 554
Higher primary schools 1,460
Primary schools 2,905
ITIs 6
Agricultural research centre 2


Industrial Scenario

  • No. of large & medium scale running units: 48
  • No. of small scale units: 19,544
  • No. of industrial areas: 19

    Bagru, Bassi, Bais Godam, Bindyaka, Dudu, Hirawala, Jetpura, Jhotwara, Kaladera, Kanakpura, Kartarpura, Malviya Nagar, Phulera, Renwal, Sanganeer, Shahpura, Sitapura, Sudarshanpur and Vishwakarma.


  • Main Industrial Products

    Acetylene gas, ACSR conductors, ball bearings, bottling of LPG, ceramics, pottery, cold roll strips, common salt, corrugated boxes, deoiled cakes, durries, dyeing and printing, edible oil, electronic items, engraving on brass items, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, gems and jewellary, general engineering and manufacturing, granite slabs and tiles, hand made paper, handicraft items, halogen auto bulbs, hawai chappals, household electrical appliances, HT steel strips, lodized salt, lamps, laminated springs for railways, marble statues, marble tiles & slabs, moulded plastic components for electronics, perfumes, pigment colours, plastic containers, P.P. multifilament yarn, PVC cables, PVC doors, PVC footwear, canvas shoes, nitro chloro benzene, oxygen gas, port land cement, readymade garments, re-roller products, steel furniture, steel ingots, stone grits, synthetic leather, synthetic suiting & shirtings, tablets and capsules, two way radio and line, washing so ap, wheat maida, suji, atta, woollen carpet, re fined vegetable oil and vanaspati ghee.


  • Export items

    Brass and lacquer work, enamel work, gems and jewellery, granite tiles, handloom, marble statues, printed cloth and textiles, readymade garments and woollen carpets.

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